małopolskie, tatrzański, Poronin, Ząb

area: 10 014.00 m2
price: 2 000 000 PLN
price m2: 199.72 PLN


Land for sell

The object of sale is a plot of land with a total area of 10014 sq.m. consisting of two plots of land with an area: 0.4907 HA.

- AGRICULTURAL FARM AND BUILDINGS lying on the side of Zakopane and a plot of land with an area of 0.5107 HA IN THE SPACE OF USE RECORDED: ŁV, RV, LS IV on the side: PORONIN, ZĄB, which can be reached via Do Lasu Street.
Picturesque surroundings, beautiful views, a popular place for tourists - hiking, skiing, etc.29. Applicable arrangements for areas marked on the drawing of the plan with the symbol: ZR-1(area 4.5380 ha); ZR-2 (area 14.0870 ha); ZR-3 (area 16.9590 ha); ZR-4 (area 1.0780 ha);ZR-5 (area 0.2660 ha); ZR-6 (area. 2.2510 ha); ZR-7 (area 0.6670 ha); ZR-8 (area 0.0810ha); ZR-9 (area 0.7100 ha); ZR-10 (area 1.2170 ha); ZR-11 (area 0.1700 ha); ZR-12 (area 0.7330 ha); ZR-13 (area 0.5450 ha); ZR-14 (area 7.9150 ha); ZR-15 (area 1.0760 ha); ZR16 (area 2.4730 ha); ZR-17 (area 0.0990 ha); ZR-18 (area. 5.8180 ha); ZR-19 (area 4.0290ha); ZR-20 (area 10.4190 ha); ZR-21 (area 0.2780 ha); ZR-22 (area 0.0900 ha); ZR-23 (area 2.3630 ha); ZR-24 (area 3.0900 ha); ZR-25 (area 0.2390 ha); ZR-26 (area 1.0540 ha); ZR27 (area 0.6301 ha); ZR-28 (area. 0.2630 ha):1)

Purpose of the site:
a) primary land use - meadows, pastures, wasteland,
b) supplementary land use:- existing single-family and guesthouse buildings allowed to be preserved,- necessary technical infrastructure facilities and networks,- for the areas marked with the symbol ZR-2, ZR-3, ZR-14, ZR-18, ZR-19 ZR-20, it is allowed to locate facilities and equipment related to the operation of ski trails, in particular, lower and upper ski lift stations, along with the necessary technical infrastructure;



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Jan Jabłoński

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